Mason Resources is the largest shareholder of Black Swan Graphene Inc. The Company is emerging as a major powerhouse in the bulk graphene business. The patent portfolio uniquely positions the Company as a major supplier of graphene and graphene nano platelets (GNP). Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd, the second largest shareholder of Black Swan Graphene is a United Kingdom-based global chemicals manufacturer, with a century-long track record and has been at the forefront of graphene innovation.


The partnership allows a fully integrated supply chain from mine to graphene products which positions Black Swan Graphene to become a multi-industry disruptor on a global scale.


With solid fundamentals, including the credibility of our technology, the high-performance and quality of Black Swan’s graphene products and the low cost and green hydroelectricity of the province of Quebec, the Company’s aim at large scale industrial applications with a vision to establish a fully integrated “mine to graphene” supply chain and become a pillar of the developing graphene hub in North America.


Joint Venture option with Nouveau Monde

Mason Resources 100% owned Lac Guéret project is located in northeastern Quebec, about 285 km north of the main service centre of Baie-Comeau and about 660 km from Montreal.


Mason Resources and Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc (NMG) entered into an option and joint venture agreement to collaborate to advance the project.


Conditions for the formation of the Joint Venture include: (i) a minimum of C$10.0 million of expenditures from Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc on the project, and (ii) the completion of an updated feasibility study on the project based on an estimated production scale of a minimum of 250,000 tonnes per annum of graphite concentrate, to be ascertained based on customer demand as well as technical and environmental possibilities.


Assuming the exercise of the option and formation of the joint vVenture, NMG’s and Mason Resources’ interest in the joint venture to be 51% and 49%, respectively, and NMG to be appointed as operator of the Joint Venture.