Environmental, Social, and Governance

Find out what we’re doing for resource conservation, energy efficiency, community engagement, transparency, diversity, and more. 

Mason Resources is committed to furthering the responsible development of each asset through its financial investments

Mason will evaluate each entity or asset and the ongoing asset management of ESG risk and opportunity.  Our investee companies maintain their own individual ESG policies, and we are committed to furthering the responsible development of each. Our view is that effective management of ESG risks and opportunities can enhance the value of an investment, and we work with our investee companies to promote the adoption of sustainable practices.  

Investment Philosophy

Mason’s investment philosophy is to exercise ordinary business care and prudence in its investment of assets considering the long and short-term needs of the Company in carrying out its strategic objectives (including providing a risk-adjusted rate of return for its shareholders), its present and anticipated financial requirements, expected total return on its investments, price level trends, and general economic conditions.


The Company’s strategy is to develop vertical and horizontal integration in the mining and resources industry, with a special focus on industrial and specialty minerals, notably battery-related materials and their by-products. This approach will be achieved by: (i) leveraging the skillset and expertise of the Board, the Investment Committee, and management to review, diversify, and de-risk investment opportunities, and (ii) adopting a flexible approach to its investments.


Our ESG Policy outlines our approach to integrating ESG in our business and investment activities. To minimize risk in investment strategy, there is a need for collaboration and innovation that addresses climate change and systemic barriers to equality and opportunity. Through integration of concentrated efforts, the Company’s commitment to sustainability will add value not only for investors, but their customers and society. To demonstrate our commitment to effective risk management and long-term resiliency, we believe in the development and staged integration of ESG plans in each of our investee companies. Our investment strategy is true to our identity while pursuing meaningful environmental and social impact. ESG gives an advantage – opportunity and responsibility. 

Our sustainability strategy to use more sustainable products and clean energy and to conserve and protect resources is inextricably linked to our long-term success. We believe a strong ESG proposition correlates to value creation, attracting B2B and B2C customers with more sustainable products, plants, and equipment. Lower energy consumption and reducing water intake reduces costs. Increasing the use of clean energy across our value chain will drive social capital and enhance investment returns by better allocation of capital for the long term.